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Pagan Community Building

Dedicated to Building a Stronger Community

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This LJ community is for "pagans", their families, loved ones, friends and supporters who are interested in building pagan community. I created this community in response to recent discussions/arguments with various pagans who either seem to oppose the identification/creation of pagan community or who do not understand the need for one.

Rather than arguing with such people, it would be more productive to gather those who do see a need and who do want community.

This comm is therefore committed to gather pagan activists/organizers/community builders together to analyze, plan and take actions that will lead to a healthy pagan community.

To do that, I think it is important to answer several important questions. I ask that each new member answer these questions as completely as possible in their first post since they will form a critical element in the formation of the pagan community locally, globally and virtually.

1) Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

2) Who are we? When you think of Pagan Community who do you think that includes? Who (if anyone) do you think it excludes?

3) What do we want? Why do we need community? What do we expect to do for it and what do we expect it will do for us?

4) How do we make it happen? What do we need to create, copy, or steal to build a healthy pagan community?

5) What interests do I need to add to this account to ensure it reaches the broadest possible pagan audience.


1) This community is for those who want to build community. If you are opposed to community, stay away. We are not going to spend time debating the merits of having/creating community.

2) We are using the term "pagan" in its loosest possible sense. We aren't here to debate its use or accuracy. Here is good explanation as to why.

3) Non-pagan voices are welcome as long as they are constructive. These voices are important as they help us to realize what kind of community image we are creating.

I'm sure more rules will come. Hopefully, they will be few and created democratically but I'm not promisin' nothin'.