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This a tarot book I am reading - Pagan Community Building
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This a tarot book I am reading
I rented a new book from the library called Tarot for Your Self: A Workbook for Personal Transformation. It looked really interesting as I am always trying to look at my Tarot cards from different angles. I am going to try and take about an hour every day and try something with this book. If I find something I will probably post it on here. Well the book asked a few questions, and here are my answers.

What do you feel is the purpose of Tarot Cards?

I feel that Tarot cards are spiritual objects that allow us to see things that we not always see or take notice to. I do believe that they can show us pieces of ourselves and possibly aspects of future events. (I have experienced seeing piece of the future myself. Many will argue that you can tell the future with cards, but we did a yearly reading in December of 2008 and as I look back at the reading things have come true that the cards said would. I can also see someone saying that you put the idea in your head, but I can picture 9 of Stones or 9 of Cups in my head and yet I am not that rich or lucky. . .)

They are ways for us to find pieces of ourselves that may have been hidden or the truths we do not want admit.

What do you want to learn from the Tarot?

I want to see different aspects of myself and for the cards to tell me things I don’t know. I want to learn and experience spirituality on another level through the cards.

What I am hopping to learn from the book Tarot for Your Self 2nd Ed.?

I would like to view my cards at another, more personal angle. I want to see more of me.
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rebekah1213 From: rebekah1213 Date: December 1st, 2009 02:52 pm (UTC) (Link)
Ignorant, I think that is your way of just trying to use a "big" word.

I am grateful for living the United States, going to college, being on the Internet, and speaking English (even though there so many rules.) However everyone has true potential and I don't I have been lucky enough to be able to tap mine. There are people out there getting things handed left and right to them and they selfishly hold on to it. I have always been willing to my share my things.

The thing is Tarot cards like 9 of Cups is the Wish and the luck card, as well as 9 of Stone is the riches card and to be honest as many times I seen those cards this year, there have been many more things that have countered those cards: my mom and uncle lost their jobs and then my grandma go sick and died. . .should I feel lucky for that?

I am very grateful for all that I have, and believe me the goddess and the Tarot, both know this, but I believe that cards can should me more, can direct me to my true potential and tell me the truth I need.

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