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greetings all!

hello everyone! i'm new here, and as such here is my introductory interview thingy. :D

1) Who are you? Tell us about yourself.

well let's see. the first thing i always tell people about myself is that i'm a musician. i play a variety of instruments including bass, keys, guitar, etc. i'm also trying to learn theremin. i'd love to learn bagpipes and cello as well. i do have a tendency to incorporate my spirituality into a lot of my music, particularly my ambient-western-new age project, Image And Nation. it's a blend of new age, spaghetti western film score, world music, ambiance and Peter Gabriel style experimentation with a combination of opera/classical vocals (mostly female) and more contemporary rock vocals (mostly male) my other band is more political and electronic-rock oriented, not really mingling with my spirituality, so i won't go into any real detail there.
spiritually i am a pagan. mostly asatru with a sprinkling of druidism (i love the nordic gods but i can't ignore my roots ;) ). my primary god would be Thor.
i personally don't believe in gods in a literal sense, but rather think of them as "masks" that we put on the energies of the universe so that we may more efficiently communicate with those energies. i do believe in magic and some "mystical and mythological" creatures. i could go on and on, but i'll stop there in the interest of your friends page. :)
oh. the Rev. Glenn thing? i am a legally ordained reverend of the universal life church. it was cheap and easy and i only did it because i thought it would be funny to introduce myself as "Reverend". beyond that i'm a lover of most types of music, a geek, a gamer, a movie dork, and a lover of fine beer (especially dark ales)
oh. and my spelling sucks.

2) Who are we? When you think of Pagan Community who do you think that includes? Who (if anyone) do you think it excludes?
i think of pagans as anyone who identifies with older ways of spiritual thought. i think polytheism is a fairly common component in that, but since i don't know every religion personally i can't say monotheism in and of itself is an exclusionary factor. i do think that you can't really be a practitioner of the Big 3 religions (christians, muslems, jews) and be a pagan. i don't think of Buddhism or hindu as being pagan, but i think people could make valid arguments for their inclusion. i do include modern religions such as wicca as pagan.

3) What do we want? Why do we need community? What do we expect to do for it and what do we expect it will do for us?
i would like to say that i think we want to be accepted by those who aren't pagans, but i can't think of a very good reason to want acceptance from anyone. practitioners of the big 3 and atheists can't seem to keep from killing each other very well, so i'm not sure we should care about their acceptance. at the same time, it would be nice if i didn't get "that's scary" as a response when people ask me about the Mjolnir or pentacle i wear around my neck. i think the best thing we can hope for is to grow in numbers and someday have the big 3 out of power.

i think everyone needs a community. we need to support each other. we need to ensure that we pass down what we know. there is safety and power in numbers. a bunch of solitary pagans hiding from eh rest of the world or pretending that they are powerful and self actualized hiding from the rest of the world will never serve our interest. we need to be part of this world, and we can only do that as a unit.

4) How do we make it happen? What do we need to create, copy, or steal to build a healthy pagan community?
well communities like this are a small but good start. i think we need to have respectable members openly in our own individual communities. we need to be a part of the world, not just the net. it would also be nice if we could have ourselves occasionally portrayed as normal in media. as i once said to a guy i was talking to on my college campus, "i know you think your velvet cape looks cool, and i know you think you're expressing your individuality, but no one on this campus will ever take you seriously while you wear it". i think we need to show people that we are teachers, and business people and government employees and proffesionals, and people who can laugh and have fun and not spend all of our free time playing dungeons and dragons or running around naked in the woods. people have very weird perceptions of pagans/wiccans/etc.
the bottom line here i guess is that i don't think we should ask for acceptance. i think we should demand respect.

5) What interests do I need to add to this account to ensure it reaches the broadest possible pagan audience.
spirit, spirituality, and some variants on what you already have. like alt. religion in addition to alternative religion. druidism as well as druidry and druids

well, i guess that pretty much covers the bases. i'm glad to have found this place and look forward to many great discussions!
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