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Pagan You Tube Project

Merry Meet!

I don't think that I've done much in the way of posting here except for my introduction post back when I joined but, I thought that this would be the perfect place to post this considering the reason the community was created.

So, here goes;

I have been "vaguely pagan" and "sort of" practicing for years and I've really been compelled lately to get more serious about my path. To that end, I have had what I think is a wonderful idea, but I will need help with it.

I am wondering, are there any Pagans, of any path or level, out there who would be interested in participating in a You Tube collaboration channel (that is a You Tube channel, or account, that is contributed to and has content created by more than one person)? I am hoping to get 5 to 7 people for this project.

The basics of what I have in mind;

I am thinking something "informative and discussion" based with Pagan related topics. Each week would have a set "broad" topic that each person would discuss from their point of view based on their personal path and experiences. Topics will range from giving and discussing the definitions and use of terms/tool/etc. (things like the wheel of the year, wands, crystals, casting circles etc) to giving examples of things that could be done to celebrate the different sabbats.

That is the overall scope of what I have in mind for this project. Basically a chance to talk to and learn from each other as well as share our wisdom and opinions on a wider scale than normal.

There will of course be some rules, which will be discussed and decided upon by the members of the channel but the basics are:

~You must be able to commit to at least a year on this project. Which translates to 1 video a week for 52 weeks.

~You must be capable of creating a 3-5 minutes long video (and uploading it to You Tube) on your given day; that video can be a simple as a voice over stills or as complex as a multi-cut, multi-angle, multi-location HD masterpiece.

~You MUST be able to discuss (and perhaps at times debate) these types of matters in a reasonable and civil fashion. If you plan to put ANYTHING on You Tube, especially anything related to religion or politics, you're going to have to have a thick skin and be able to ignore troll and baiters. Bashing of any kind will not be tolerated by ANYONE including it's contributors.

If this sounds like a project that you would be interested in participating in please let me know.

Also, if you don't think you want to be a vlogger for the channel but would be interested in following the channel let me know what types of topics and discussion you would like to see the channel cover!

Thank you for reading!

Blessed be and merry part!
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